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Commercial Mortgages

If you’re looking for a commercial property mortgage, Commercial Mortgages Fast is here to help you.

A commercial property mortgage arranged through us will enable you to purchase and fit out your own business premises, be they offices, workshops, warehousing, retail or other commercial space.

If you run a business, or are self employed and work from home or are currently renting space, a commercial property mortgage is also a highly efficient way to turn the money you’re spending on rent into an investment for your business or personal pension.

If you need to finance the purchase of a business property in any situation, talk to Commercial Mortgages Fast …First!

What is a Commercial Mortgage?

A commercial mortgage or more acurately, a commercial property mortgage is a loan used for a business purpose rather than for personal use like buying a house to live in. A commercial mortgage is secured against a property.

Like many business finance consultants, Commercial Mortgages Fast considers a commercial property mortgage the best way to raise the money needed to buy buildings or land to be used for business.

This might be when you’re buying a going concern of which the premises are a part, or when setting up a new business which you need to house. Commercial property mortgages are regularly used for buying shops, offices, industrial units, warehouses and pubs.

Providing you already own a building to secure the mortgage against, or at least have equity in your premises able to secure it, Commercial Mortgages Fast can provide you with a commercial property mortgage for a wide range of other business uses, too, like wiping out a business overdraft or helping smooth out a particular cash flow problem.

Buying to let with a Commercial Property Mortgage

You may want to use a commercial property mortgage to purchase a commercial building to let, rather than from which to trade yourself. Again, Commercial Mortgages Fast is here to help.

As well as all the established businesses who might want to rent your commercial property, self employed workers have increased significantly in the UK over the past 5 years. While many start off trading from home, there is a huge number of growing businesses now looking to rent space.

Why a Commercial Property Mortgage makes such good sense.

Commercial property values have been increasing for a decade. Our view at Commercial Mortgages Fast is that they show no signs of stopping.

If you’re paying hefty business rent each month, a commercial property mortgage could offer you the chance, for little or no more each month, to buy a building of your own.

Not only will you have stopped spending money on rent and have acquired a substantial asset, but the value of your premises will continue to rise in the years ahead, creating new equity against which you are able to borrow to finance future business development.

By buying commercial premises, you’ll also benefit from tax planning opportunities. This is especially true if you buy a commercial property yourself, then allow your business to lease it back from you.

Choosing a Commercial Property Mortgage company.

Commercial Mortgages Fast takes a straightforward and hassle-free approach to arranging commercial mortgages.

We keep the application and approval process for commercial mortgages as simple as possible, and as we and our range of banking partners consider the commercial property you want to buy should be more than adequate as security to lend against, the kind of red tape your bank might impose is avoided.

So if your first instinct is to approach your personal bank or business bank about a commercial property mortgage, remember that they will not survey the commercial property mortgage market on your behalf. Their job is to sell you on their own mortgage.

Commercial Mortgages Fast, in contrast, is an independent source of commercial property mortgages, free to help you locate the very best commercial mortgage for your needs.