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Commercial Remortgages

If you own a commercial property of any kind, Commercial Mortgages Fast can help you arrange a commercial property remortgage. As specialists in providing Commercial Remortgages for Business Properties, our systems and processes make it possible for us to complete a re-mortgage case in as little as 7 working days. 

With a commercial property remortgage arranged through us, you will be able to unlock the equity value in the property, based on its current valuation, and turn this into valuable cash.

You could use the funds to expand your business, extend or refurbish your property, invest in new machinery or for some other purpose entirely. You might want to use the money to wipe out a business overdraft, for example, or help smooth out a particular cash flow problem.  You may just want to use the funds to invest in a new business venture.

At Commercial Mortgages Fast our lending partners take the view that it’s your business, and not ours, how you use your funds. This means there are no restrictions on using the funds personal use.

What is a Commercial Remortgage?

If the commercial property you own is worth more than any outstanding mortgage you might have on the property, the excess value is your equity. A commercial property remortgage is a loan which allows you to release some of this equity, and it is secured against the commercial property.

Commercial Mortgages Fast regularly helps arrange commercial property remortgages for business people who own shops, offices, restaurants, pubs and many other types of business premises.

Buying to let with a Commercial Property Remortgage.

If you own your business premises, you may want to use a commercial property remortgage to purchase another commercial building to let out as an investment. Commercial Mortgages Fast is ready to help you, with a range of banking partners offering commercial investment mortgages.

Why a Commercial Property Remortgage makes such good sense.

A commercial property remortgage allows you to make use of your most valuable asset. It unlocks capital tied up in your commercial property, which you can then use as you see fit. A commercial property remortgage gives you the opportunity to consolidate existing business loans and debts into a single, affordable monthly repayment, and it could be an opportunity to switch to a cheaper, more competitive mortgage than your existing commercial property mortgage.

Choosing a commercial property mortgage company.

Commercial Mortgages Fast are specialists in commercial property remortgages. If your first instinct is to approach your bank, remember that your bank will not survey the commercial property mortgage market on your behalf. Their job is to sell you on their own mortgage. They will also almost certainly require you to be interviewed, and expect you to provide detailed accounts and business plans.

Commercial Mortgages Fast is different. Our application and approval process for a commercial property remortgage is identical to that for a commercial property mortgage.

We keep it as straightforward as possible, and as we and our range of banking partners work on the basis that the commercial property you own should offer adequate security to lend against, the red tape the bank might impose is eliminated.

Commercial Mortgages Fast is an independent source of commercial property remortgages, free to help you locate the very best commercial remortgage for your needs.